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3 Best Free Celebrity Look Alike Generator

Everyone is a celebrity for some qualities for someone but the only difference real celebrities make is their number of fans and profession. People around you compliment you resembles a celebrity? Want to know you look like which celebrity? Check out these three great celebrity look-alike generator websites.

1. Celebrity Match Up by Picitup

grey 3 Best Free Celebrity Look Alike Generator

Celebrity Match Up by Picitup is a beautiful celebrity look-alike generator which is very simple to use. All you need to do is select right pictures of yourself, open Celebrity Match Up by Picitup and upload the image, select gender and finish by entering email address and accepting terms of use. Now click get a match to get the result. It features thousands of celebrities from various fields like singers, actors, sportsmen, politicians and other popular people.

This one is also available for Android so find it on Android Market to get your hands on to handheld version of same.

2. FaceDouble

grey 3 Best Free Celebrity Look Alike Generator

FaceDouble is another great celebrity look-alike generator. It also works like others, very simple to use – upload your image, enter email address and accept terms of use. FaceDouble can also directly publish results to Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc. Gives you more time to spend on social networks.

3. My Heritage – Celebrities & Fun

grey 3 Best Free Celebrity Look Alike Generator

My Heritage is a bit different from other celebrity look-alike generator. Still it does the same work of finding matching celebrities but need you to give full face profile which gives you better results. You can use passport photos in this case.

How does Celebrity Look Alike Generator work?

These websites use state of art face recognition system which scans your pictures and match with celebrities images in database. And you get what amazes you.

Even if you don’t find matches for your pictures, don’t be disappointed because you are unique – different from the crowd.

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