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Create Google+ Page for Your Business

Google has finally unleashed its Google+ Pages for business which will let business grow and communicate better with clients through their latest social network. Ready to make an impact?

There are total of five categories for types of Google+ pages:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Brand
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

They have done a very good diversification of how the pages will differentiate with each other. Google+ Pages is direct competition to immensely popular Facebook fan pages where people click ‘Like’ button to follow your updates. For my experience I like Google+ pages and they work in flash and does not need too many settings. Gradually Google will keep improving the performance and reach of business through these pages.

On these pages you can update latest news about your business and can add pages to our circles to get all latest updates.

How to Create a Google+ Page?

It’s very easy to create a Google+ page it hardly too around 2 minutes to finish the setup. You must visit this page and follow the instructions – very simple; and enjoy your brand new Google+ page. Creating a Google+ page can bring more workload as business owners will need to update their pages along with Facebook fan pages and tweets which are unmanageable. When you see the worth of spending time on updating all the network, that would be best time to officially launch a Google+ page.

We must not avoid the fact that these pages are stored and indexed by Google everyday which will definitely help us popularize and grow our business. So make you decision according to your time availability and web presence.

Here is a video how a biker business use Google+ Page:

Let us know what you think about new Google+ Pages. Comment below.


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  • Absolute Beds

    The fact that Google crawl and indexes your Google + pages everyday should be enough persuasion to think about signing up!

  • jhon32

    We have done the page recently and we can see the results. This is our page: