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Mercedes-Benz Style Coupe Concept 2012

Mercedes-Benz Style Coupe is four door concept featuring large panoramic glass panel, two liters and four cylinders based turbo-charged petrol engine producing 211 horsepower and 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. Mercedes-Benz call it coupe but we still see four door, confusing? Though this car is a stunner and expected to start production soon. grey Mercedes Benz Style Coupe Concept 2012 Mercedes-Benz rolled out Style Coupe at the Transmission LA:AV CLUB at the Museum of Contemporary Art, LA on 20th April 2012. Its planned to make its official début at Beijing Motor Show 2012, starting next week so stay tuned. This stunning car is based on Mercedes-Benz’s new MFA platform and their long-awaited compact sized power packed sedan which looks like trimmed down version on CLS class cars.

Mercedes-Benz Style Coupe is a A-class sedan?

This car may be called CLA-class and it features same sleek and aggressive exteriors which we already seen in A-class with 20 inch turbine style wheels. Though this is much differentiated than A-class.

Expected release date and price

Mercedes-Benz Style Coupe is expected to launch at Beijing Motor show 2012 and price is expected little below current generation CLS-class(CLS 63 AMG) so stay tuned to GizmoKick, we will keep you updated with latest information. Style Coupe promo video by AutoMotoTV: Complete photo gallery:


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